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Monday, September 19, 2011


Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Sight-Reading: (8 min)
Short solfege example in 2/4 time, C Maj
Singing: (rest of class)
All of African Noel in preparation for test on Wed.

Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Sight-Reading: (10 min)
Short solfege example in 4/4 time, in corporating natural m, am
Singing: (rest of class)
"African Noel" all
"Carols Around (and a Round)" pp 1-5

Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Sight-Reading: (none)
Singing: (rest if class)
"African Noel" Test
"Carols", if time pp 1-5

Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Sight-Reading: (8 min)
2/4, am (nat)
Singing: (rest of class)
 "Carols" pp 1-5
"Bleak" pp 1-3

Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Sight-Reading: (12 min)
Group game -  students will be seperated into 3 groups, each group will be assigned a sight-reading example. The groups will confere with each other on how the melodies should be sung, and when they are ready will stand and sing the examples as a group. If they sing the example 100%  correctly on the first try, they will recieve 3 extra credit points. If they singing it correctly on the second try, 2. If they sing it correctly on the third try, 1, and if they cannot sing it correctly until the fourth try, they recieve no extra points for the game.
Singing: (rest of class)
"Carols" pp 1-7 (8 if time)

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