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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3/26 - 3/30

Weekly objectives:
Students will learn to identify, and perform major and minor second and sixth intervals as assessed by questions and answers and classroom singing.

Students will reinforce their knowledge of the Major and minor thirds as well as the perfect fourth intervals as assessed by classroom singing and identification of intervals played on the piano.

Students will continue to learn "Bridge Over Troubled Water" as assessed by classroom singing, and discussion of song.

Prepare for a performance at the student talent show by rehearsing "Season's of Love", and prepare for a performance at organizational contest by singing"All That Jazz" and "Sim Shalom"

Talent show on Friday, we'll sing "Season's of Love"
Organizational contest 4/14 (Sat), trying to get scheduling conflicts resolved.
Tuesday will be a boys sectional, Wed will be a girls sectional- bring homework

Learn the difference between a major and minor second through classroom discussion, question and answer, visual identification, and classroom singing of both half and whole steps (minor and major seconds).

Discuss how a scale is made of a patter of major and minor seconds (whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half- for major)

"Zu"- 154321, downward
"Za"- 13531, upward

"Bridge Over Troubled Water"- review parts learned up to this point- mm 1 - 34
Show repeated sections mm 51-57, 85-91, also 60-68, 94-101

Same as Mon
T-shirts for choir? Sign-up

Boys sectional- Girls homework
Learn "Bridge Over Troubled Water" mm- 37-51
Review parts up to that point as well.

Focus on pitch matching, and moving with the contour of the music (upwards or downwards)

Same as Mon/Tues

Learn to Identify and perform major and minor sixths with classroom discussion, questions and answers, and classroom singing.

Girls sectional- boys homework
"Bridge Over Troubled Water", learn mm 37 - 51
Focus on harmony and blend as well as rhythm
Review parts learned up to this point

If time allows, sing "Seasons of Love"

Same as Mon-Wed

Review all intervals learned up to this point with aural quiz- play an interval on the piano and have students write down the correct interval played (collected for 13 participation points).

Sing major triad (Do, Mi, Sol) going downwards, and minor triad (Do, Me, Sol) going upward
- discuss that a triad is made up of thirds, either major or minor

"Bridge " mm 37 - 51, put boys and girls parts together.
Review parts up to this point.

Sing "Seasons of Love", "Sim Shalom", and "All that Jazz" as preparation for the talent show and organizational contest.

Short period today

"Zu"- 54321, downwards
"Za"- 1358531, upwards

Sing through "Seasons", "All That Jazz", and "Sim Shalom" as time allows

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