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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Second Week

Since the schedule is still a little wonky for the next few days, this plan is subject to change but I'll update it if there needs to be additions or subtractions.

Monday: Grades - participation
Go over the unified class rules. (5 min)
Warm-ups: (5 min)
focusing on proper posture, breathing, and vowel shapes first.
Voice Placement: (20 min)
Have short range trials for each student to make sure that they are in the right sections. Due to limited space and time, this will mean that each student will sing individually in front of the rest of the class, HOWEVER it is something they will have to get used to because this will not be the last time it will happen.
Sight-reading in groups: (10-15 min)
At this point I need to assess how well the students read music (if at all), so we will do some sight-reading in their voice parts.

Tuesday: Grades - participation
Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Still focusing on posture, breathing, and vowel shapes
Singing: (15-20 min)
Finish vocal placement.
Discuss rhythm

Wednesday: Grades - participation
Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Sight-Reading: (10 min)
A short written example will be on the board for students to clap its rhythm.
All students will clap the rhythm. We will not move on until all can demonstrate that they understand the example.
Singing: (20-25 min)
We will sing a new song, "Alleluia, Glorious is Thy Name"
Reminder that an informational meeting about After school choir and Show choir will be held tomorrow afternoon from 3:45-4:30. Anyone interested can come by.
Also, I nheed to know who is interested in participating in IMEA auditions. I have to order music soon, so that they can start practicing.

Thursday: Grades - participation
Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Sight-reading: (10 min)
More rhythm work with a longer example on the board
Singing: (25-30 min)
Continue work of "Alleluia", with added expression (15 min)

Friday: Grades - participation, short in-class worksheet
Sight-reading: (15-20 min)
Short worksheet to be done in groups for 10 points each (all students must write their own answers).
Worksheet will include note-naming, and rhythm identification. Students can use their note sheet that they received earlier in the week.

Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Students' choice
Singing: (20-25 min)
Continue work on two songs introduced before.

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