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Monday, August 29, 2011

Week of 8/29-9/2


Grades: Participation
Warm-ups: (5 min)
Sight-reading: a solfege scale plus dotted rhythm pattern (10 min)
Singing: (rest of period)
Listen to complete recording of "Alleluia, Glorious is Thy Name" then sing first two page with recording a few times (remediate as necessary).
Start learning next page.

Grades: Participation
Warm-ups: (5 min)
Sight-reading: Identification of solfege syllables/note names in an example.
Singing: (rest of class)
Continue work of "Alleluia" finishing the third page
Begin "African Noel" (try for first two pages)

Grades: Participation, worksheet 
Sight-Reading: (12-15 min)
Short worksheet on note-names, and
solfege syllables
Warm-Ups: (very short)
Singing: (rest of class)
"Alleluia", pp. 1-3
"African Noel" pp1-2, work on 3

Grades: Participation
Warm-Ups: (5 min)
Sight-reading: (10-12 min)
Sing all of an example with solfege syllables and rhythms.
Singing: (Rest of period)
"Alleluia" pp. 3 and 4
"African Noel" pp. 1-4

Friday: Participation
Warm-ups: Students' choice (5 min)
Sight-reading: same as Thurs
Singing: (rest of period)
Alleluia pp. 1-4
African Noel pp. 1-4
If time allows, let students pick a song from a folk music book to have fun with.

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